Chloé Claudia Olinda Emmanuelle Sautter-Léger

1997 - 2021

Chloé Claudia Olinda Emmanuelle Sautter-Leger, born 23 December 1997 in Montreal, died too soon, 31 July 2021, following an accident while swimming at Chachalacas Beach in the Gulf of Mexico. Chloé was beautiful, brave, brilliant, and loved; she marvelled at the magnificence of the Earth and inspired people she met to laugh, explore, and work for positive change. Having just started a graduate degree in journalism, she was passionate about travelling and telling stories about what she witnessed. Her curiosity brought her to learn several languages, and she cycled and swing-danced her way through countries and into the hearts of people in communities across the globe. Everything she received from the world she wanted to share. This desire came out through her story telling and interest in journalism but also in her volunteer work and efforts in sustainability and food justice. May her light continue always to shine. Chloé will forever be profoundly missed by her parents Yves and Sabine, sisters Anaïs and Serena, godparents Andreas and Claudia, all of the Léger and Sautter family in Canada and Germany, and friends the world over.


Chloé Claudia Olinda Emmanuelle Sautter-Léger, née le 23 décembre 1997 à Montréal, est décédée, trop tôt, à l’âge de 23 ans, suite à un accident survenu le 31 juillet 2021 alors qu'elle nageait à la plage de Chachalacas, dans le golfe du Mexique. Chloé était belle, courageuse, brillante et aimée, elle s'émerveillait de la beauté du Monde. Elle a inspiré ceux qu'elle a rencontrés à rire, à explorer et à travailler pour un changement positif. Elle venait de commencer un diplôme d'études supérieures en journalisme, elle était passionnée par les voyages et elle écrivait sur ce dont elle a été témoin. Sa curiosité l'a amenée à apprendre plusieurs langues. Elle aura pédalé et dansé le swing à travers les pays et dans les cœurs de gens partout dans le monde. Et tout ce qu'elle recevait, elle voulait le partager. Ce désir s'est manifesté à travers sa narration et son intérêt pour le journalisme mais aussi dans son travail bénévole et ses efforts en matière de durabilité et de justice alimentaire. Que sa lumière continue toujours de briller. Chloé manquera à jamais à ses parents Yves et Sabine, à ses sœurs Anaïs et Serena, à ses parrain et marraine Andreas et Claudia, et à tous les Léger et les Sautter au Canada et en Allemagne, et aussi aux amis qu’elle a partout dans le monde.

Chloé, Herzchen, wir haben Dich lieb, für immer und immer.

Chloé, on t’aime, pour toujours et à jamais.

On Monday 16 August, at 10:00 a.m., a visitation will be held at Salon E. Montpetit & Fils at 315, rue Danis, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, followed by a mass at 11:00 in Église Catholique Immaculée-Conception-de-Notre-Dame à Bellerive, 285 Rue Danis, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield (the church will be opened at 10:00 a.m.).

Les funérailles auront lieu le lundi 16 août 2021 à 11:00 (ouverture à 10:00 pour enregistrer lesprésences), en l’Église Notre-Dame de Bellerive, 315 rue Danis, Salaberry de Valleyfield ; la famille accueillera vos condoléances au salon E. Montpetit & Fils, 315 rue Danis, Salaberry de Valleyfield, à partir de 10:00.

In lieu of flowers, in memoriam donations can be made in honour of Chloé to Equiterre using the following link: Au lieu de fleurs, un don in memoriam au nom de Chloé, peut être offert à l’organisme Équiterre :

Signatures de régistre (16)

Louise Arsenault

Dear Sabine and family.

Sabine, we don't know each other that well but you have always struck me as a beautiful person inside
and out. I am devastated for you in hearing of this loss and I can only guess at how tough this is after also
losing both parents. From what I read on the site, Chloe was an extraordinary young woman who has already
accomplished wonderful things and certainly showed so much promise. Please accept my condolences and wishes
that your sorrow will never entirely break your heart and that you can survive all this with the grace and beauty that
you possess. Thinking of you


Louise Arsenault

Aurora Castillo Mendiola

Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. No amount of words can express the pain that you are going through, but the following lines have the intention to contribute in recomforting your heart and extend my deepest sympathy for those who, like me, came to consider Chloé as a beloved and important person in our lives. She was a true inspiration to everyone around her, and I am sure that the love and joy that she brought to us will never be forgotten.

I met Chloé, after moving from my hometown, near Mexico City, to Playa del Carmen, at the beginning of 2021. At that time I was seeking inspiration to find joy in my life and I only knew a couple of people living in this small city. I attended a dance activity of a local Lindy Hop group and there I saw her for the first time, dancing and smiling as if no one was watching her. My friends told me how she “almost accidentally” crossed our community when she was looking for a place where she could dance as she was use to do back in Montreal. I believe it might have been as if a white and brilliant cloud moved by the wind, somehow, stopped her journey to embrace the colors and cozy atmosphere of the beautiful harmony of a sunset musicalized by one of those Lionel Hampton’s songs that she loved. She enjoyed the same jazz music we do, and because she was as passionate as us about dancing, we were lucky to meet her in this life. Almost immediately, after starting a conversation with her, I felt the same confidence as if she had always been with me. She was one of those people who somehow made others feel special.

Although my first impression of Chloé was to consider her a quiet, lonely and shy girl, with time I was able to see her as a confident, smiling, brilliant, brave and free woman who loved learning from other cultures, who was sensitive about the challenges of our world, and who was willing to make a difference. Maybe she was not always clear or sure about what she was doing, but her calm attitude and self-confidence gave me the impression that she was fearless. For me, she had encountered a graceful way of going through her path, without the need to be the best walker but giving her the chance to hang upside down from time to time.

I believe none of the pictures, videos or memories I have from her will be exactly representative of everything she actually was. She was a great dancer, who inspired me with her spontaneous moves that were full of magic and power to express her feelings. Sometimes she could get obsessed with a choreography or with how she wanted to interpret a rhythm, but she was able to find a balance to commit with discipline to her goals without giving too much energy or time to anything that could break her delicate equilibrium in life. She loved running in the sand, exploring the city riding a bike or skating, finding great places to eat, cooking, reading, writing and swimming. She was full of energy and enthusiastic about using it in many activities. Since she was always ready to give a sincere smile to anyone in her journey, she touched the heart of many people.

Sometimes she seemed to be too serious or disconnected from the things happening around her. That used to give me the impression that she had the ability to activate a glass bubble around her, from where she loved to contemplate the world and marvel about the little, simple and quotidian things. She was curious about “the neo-realistic movie” called life. From the outside of that imaginary bubble I could see her with a tinny and charming smile on her face, as a sleepwalker surrounded by her dreams. I told her many times that I was sure her mind was able to musicalize those moments of reflection with jazz music, and she used to agree with me.

A couple of times she joined my plans to see the sunrise at the beach, although there was a huge sacrifice to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. She loved admiring the sky and the wonders hidden on it. She was grateful with the beauty of our crazy world. After a time meditating in silence with only the sound of the Caribbean Sea, we liked to find a cozy cafeteria to have a delicious breakfast. She was always grateful about the amazing food she had found along her way traveling around the world.

From our conversations, and time together, I learned she was a passionate traveler. She was an extremely caring and kind woman. She was sensitive about others feelings and, I must say, she was also a marvelous listener and a great storyteller. Many times she shared with me interesting and reflective points of view to different topics about life, nature, urbanism, people, languages, food, culture, music, dance.. it was clear for me that almost all topics were of her interest. Her words were always clear, kind, soft and reconfortanting. And even before I knew she wanted to become a journalist, it was clear to me that her ideas and dreams would make others awake a profound sense of empathy to positively change the world.

By the end of our journey together we shared a lot of dances, dreams and memories, so I will always be grateful for the special bond between us. All the experiences we shared will be a great inspiration through my life and I will always think of her at every sunrise.

I read a few days ago that sometimes the things that seem to hurt us the most, later on lead us to a greater growth and unimaginable experiences. Loosing Chloé is painful, but since she has been so special to me I want to imagine that she has gone to travel to another time in the universe, with a mokka in her hand, and probably dancing Lindy Hop barefoot in the sand of eternity, inspiring us forever in our dreams.

May her gentle and sparkling soul will forever remain in the hearts of whom she loved and rest in peace.

Sending you a comforting hug,


Summer, 2021

Paul Serralheiro

I'm so sorry to hear about this tragedy! Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I am so sorry for your loss.

Lola Kalder

To Chloe's family, please accept my sincerest condolences for you loss, I send you all my love, prayers and thoughts during this time. Although we never got to meet in person I was lucky enough to meet Chloe on our journalism course at Concordia. Through long zoom calls and voice notes we quickly became good friends and alliances in what was a tough first semester. For that I will forever be thankful, because I knew that if I ever needed reassurance or just to talk to someone I could go to her. It was by doing a profile piece on Chloe that I quickly became in awe of the truly remarkable, adventurous and wonderful human being she was. As she recounted her stories of biking through Italy and France there was truly nothing but a huge smile on her face and it was genuinely one of the most refreshing and exciting conversations I've ever had. I felt like with every crazy story of her trip to Europe I was brought along for the journey, her energy was infectious and exciting. I am very sorry I will never get to meet her in person, but I know that she lives on in the stories told and the people she met and I am thankful that I was able to witness even just a small piece of that myself.

Emmanuelle Gareau

J’ai eu la chance de travailler avec Chloé pendant deux ans, de 2018 à 2020, au sein de Les 3 sex*. Chloé s’est impliquée bénévolement dans cet organisme de bienfaisance à titre de traductrice. Elle était une personne extraordinaire, généreuse, pleine de vie, tellement bienveillante, sur qui on pouvait réellement compter. D’une bonté et d’une douceur incomparables, Chloé était une vraie perle dans l’équipe. Elle a tant amené à l’équipe et sa contribution ne sera jamais oubliée.

Toute l’équipe de l’organisme est extrêmement attristée d’apprendre son décès. Nous avons tous et toutes une pensée pour elle aujourd’hui. Nous envoyons tout notre amour à sa famille, à ses ami.e.s et à son entourage en ces temps difficiles. Nous sommes de tout cœur avec vous.

Emmanuelle, de la part de toute l’équipe de Les 3 sex*

Danielle Rondeau, Luc L’Écuyer

À toute la famille, nos plus sincères condoléances. Nous sommes de tout cœur avec vous en ces si tristes moments.


J’ai eu la chance de connaître Chloé pendant mes années au cégep. Elle était connue comme quelqu’un avec beaucoup de charisme, curiosité et créativité. Son décès me peine et je tiens à vous offrir mes sincères condoléances.

Je vous souhaite beaucoup de courage pour la suite.

Cindy Lao

À la famille de Chloé, je souhaite vous offrir mes plus sincères condoléances. Mon amitié avec Chloé est comme nulle autre. Dès la première fois que je l'ai croisée en classe à Dawson, j'ai reconnu en elle une âme soeur. De notre amour pour l'art et la théâtralité des choses à nos conversations philosophiques ou sociales avec nos opinions parfois divergeantes, Chloé me poussait à voir toujours plus loin, toujours plus. À s'interroger sur l'état du monde et à rêver à sa guérison.

Chloé is everything. She is light, she is spirit, and everywhere she went, she lit up people's hearts and reminded them to pursue their dreams with the same fervor she is pursuing hers. A blaze amidst commonality, she was hope personified. Our silly outings to bake vegan cookies or dance in an overcrowded room, our sole travel to Mexico which I wish could have been the first of many, and our hours-long phone conversations across the Atlantic and borders will forever be my most treasured memories. Her laugh, her voice, our shared worries, and unwavering friendship is the most existentially important thing to have ever happened to me. I am so honored to have been granted a friendship with this brilliant and most extraordinary girl and I love her with all that I am.

To all of Chloé's loved ones, I wish you strength, resilience, and courage to live through this heartbreak. May our love for her continue to light up our hearts and guide us towards building a world Chloé would be proud of, and may she rest in peace. Bisous.

Marie Thérèse Blanc

Dear Sabine, Anaïs, Serena, cher Yves,

Chloé will always shine bright in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to have known her. I am so very proud of her for what she achieved as both a student and a vibrant young citizen of the world.

All my thoughts, deepest condolences, and love--
Je pense à vous et vous transmet à tous mes condoléances et mon affection profonde--


You have my deepest sympathy on the loss of your beloved girl. We met in an unexpected way during her journey and a couple of times later. It was just one year we knew each other, but we became friends so quickly because of her openness and kindness. Her joy of life was incredible, and she will remain my inspiration forever. She made so many friends all around the world that I am sure there won't be a day without someone reminding how smart, funny, beautiful and adventurous she was. Last time we met each other we said "goodbye sometime somewhere in the world" and I want to believe it's still a promise. I will miss her very much.

Liz Dallison

My condolences to you at this truely sad time. I pray the service on the 16th will bring you comfort and allow you to celebrate Chloe's vibrant life. Much love Liz

Stephen Dallison

Chloe was a travelling light. Whilst light casts out darkness, no amount of darkness can extinguish light.
We will be thinking of you, and praying for the service and celebration of her life over in Montreal tomorrow.
With much love to Sabine, Yves, Serena & Anaïs, from England,
God Bless,


Dear Chloé's family,

please accept my heartfelt condolences. I will always remember her for what she was, for how much she inspired me, for the enery she was transmiting, and for sure she will always be alive in her stories about her trips and adventures by bike. I wish I could find more words in English that I could explain how much I learned from her and her way to see the world.

To the family and friends, from Spain I send you strength and encouragement for these moments.

I am sure the whole world misses her.
Gracias Chloé.

Manuel Alejandro Balderrabano Garcia

Chloé, the girl that walks with her bare feets, the girl that smells like coffee grains, the girl that sees like the moon, dance like the waves and love the sea more than anything else.

The girl that can stole your heart in a second, an amazing friend full of experiences and things to share with the people around her, lover of trying new foods and new things. An incredible listener and an amazing storyteller. Your curiosity was the same as the the childs, your wisdom the same as the elders and your strenght was greather from what we can found in the people of our age.

The time that we knew each other was short, but you teached me how time is a bad unit measurement for people's lifes. Just one conversation and you allowed me to answer so many questions that I had. I will always be greatfull for that.

Now, your loss it's a bitter pill to take. There are so many things that I don't understand. Probably time will give me the answer to some of them and probably there are some that I will never know. But there are some certainties that I have. Your way of living is an inspiration for me and my family. My heart is still in pain but you memory is helping me to close the wound. Your braveness is making me brave, your strenght will make me strong and your way of living will allow me to find mine.

Meeting you will always be my pride. Until then my dear friend.

Alberto Pozzebon

Dear Sabine, Yves, Anaïs and Serena,
We are astonished by this bad news, and we have no words to describe the sadness that this departure brings us. We are deeply sorry for the loss of your beloved daughter and sister.
Chloè was Aupair in our family during summer 2016, our first aupair. We saw Chloè for the last time one year ago, when she visited us before going to France for the grape harvest. She was an incredible girl and woman, full of life and energy, intelligent and brave. Lorenzo and Rita remember her as a responsible, cheerful, and generous "older" sister. She always impressed us with her desire to know the world and openness to other people. We were very lucky to meet her and taking in our family. She will remain in our hearts and memories forever for the gift she was for our family.
Our thoughts are with you.
Alberto, Giovanna, Lorenzo and Rita

Suzanne Pilon Lafleche

Pierre se joint à moi pour vous offrir nos plus sincères condoléances: Yves, Sabine,Anaïs et Serena.

Il n’y a pas vraiment de mots qui peuvent adoucir la peine que vous ressentez présentement,nous ne pouvons que penser à vous et soyez assurés que nous pensons à vous et que nos prières vous accompagnent .

Suzanne Pilon Laflèche, Pierre Laflèche ainsi que notre famille.